Link to MemClip in the Apple App Store!

Never forget that important webpage again... with MemClip.

MemClip helps you capture what you want to keep from the web on your iPad and save it to Evernote. We'd love to help you or hear your feedback:

The "MemClip It" bookmarklet lets you jump from the iPad browser (Safari) and is a big part of the value of this app. Be sure to set it up as soon as you buy the app:

Clip for Anytime Access

Use the MemClip iPad app to clip your notes from the web and have access to them at any time, even when you are offline. All data saved in MemClip is backed up through iTunes so that if you lose your device, you don't lose all your clippings.

Please Note: Evernote recently changed how we connect to their app. On Nov. 1, anyone that hasn't upgraded to the latest version of MemClip will not be able to connect to Evernote.
MemClip currently only supports UTF8 encoding.

Save to Evernote


Save everything you save to Evernote, the memory extension cloud service, so that you never lose the data. Never heard of Evernote? You have to try it out. Their free service is great by itself and that is all you need to use with MemClip. If you become a pro user, they have a more robust premium service that you can use to save more data, additional file types, and a host of other things.

Seamless with Safari

Jump to MemClip from your default iPad browser (Safari) using a special bookmark (called a bookmarklet), and then jump back Safari with another click.

"I'll get an email with a link, it opens in Safari, but I want to clip it. So all I have to do is click on the "MemClip It" bookmark, clip it in MemClip, then jump back to Safari, and continue to surf the web. It is so easy!"

- Enlightened Customer